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Do German Cockroaches Bite

Do German Cockroaches Bite

Many people ask the question: “Do German Cockroaches Bite?” Yes, it bites. If you have ever seen one German cockroach, you know they are flat and small, with the head about the same size as the body. They have no wings and appear to be black or brownish.

German Cockroach Bite Reactions

There are times when the German cockroach bites cause allergic reactions. Normally, these allergic reactions manifest as severe itching and extreme nausea. Sometimes the body’s immune system will respond to the foreign body by producing antibodies to fight it off. These antibodies work to strengthen the body against foreign antigens, making it more capable of protecting itself from such dangers. Only if the infestation is severe can this process cause an allergic reaction.


Some people will experience symptoms like these after only one exposure to German cockroach bites. If you don’t have serious allergic reactions, the problem may not show up right away until the second or third day after the bite. On the first day, you will most likely feel irritated and maybe a bit sore from the bite. You might also experience mild to severe burning sensation at the wound site, a swollen area, redness and irritation around the wound, and possible pain and swelling. On the second day, the swelling subsides, and the itching subsides.


You may want to take a moment and collect yourself with a cool, wet cloth while the bite heals. This will prevent the bacteria from spreading in the infected area and causing more infection. But in general, you should keep your wound clean and use ointments and creams to relieve the irritation. Also, if you have developed a skin rash after being bitten by German cockroaches, take extra care to clean and treat the rash as soon as possible because this can cause scarring.

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