Cockroach Bite Scar

If you or someone you love has ever suffered a cockroach bite scar, you know it’s not a pleasant experience. Even if the bug wasn’t around when the bite occurred, there’s still a visible wound that makes the skin look inflamed and irritated. For many people, this is enough to make them want to visit their doctor or dermatologist immediately. However, some home remedies can be used to help reduce the appearance of a cockroach bite scar.

For Cockroach Bite Scar

What to do for a cockroach bite scar? One of the first steps is to wash the area very well. This will eliminate any excess saliva that may be left behind after the bug has been slathered with soap. By using a cotton ball or other small cloth, gently rub the bite area. Any redness, swelling, or inflammation should be reduced as much as possible by this simple method. Be sure not to rub too hard, though, as you may end up scratching the affected area further.


Other things to do for a cockroach bite scar. After washing, apply a solution of petroleum jelly or another cream-based moisturizing agent to the area. Leave this on overnight to allow the cream to penetrate the skin and work into the damaged tissues. Some people like to cover the area with a small piece of plastic wrap, which works great in a pinch. You repeat the process for as long as necessary until no more acne or spider veins appear. Keep in mind that this may take a few weeks and patience on your part, so don’t expect to see any significant results before a year goes by.

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